Louis Smith plans to get boozy after Strictly final, hic!

Louis Smith has vowed to go on the ultimate boozy blow out following this weekend's Strictly Come Dancing final.

Louis Smith plans to celebrate once Strictly is finished. Copyright: [wenn]

The Olympian reckons he can't wait for the show to end so he can finally have a few drinks.

Well, he has been training pretty much for as long we can remember, so he probably does deserves to let his hair down a bit.

Louis told The Sun: "I've been wrapped up in the Strictly bubble."

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"But at Christmas I'm going to be eating lots and lots of food and I'm going to be drinking lots and lots of alcohol."

At which point we would like to politely request an invite, Louis Smith on a night out is a sight we dearly need to see!

We reckon he almost definitely would whip out some of his new found Strictly moves after a couple a Jagerbombs.

Louis on the show with dance partner Flavia. Copyright: [wenn]

Perhaps, even his shirt too? Well, we can only hope, right?

Louis is currently the favourite to win the show, and exclusively told omg! that if he does, he will almost definitely take his shirt off for us!

So if you, like us, want to confiscate Louis Smith's top once and for all, then you had better get voting the Saturday.

*crosses every finger and toe*