Louis Smith enjoys a night out, strips down to his Y fronts

During his time on Strictly Come Dancing, Louis Smith probably didn’t have a lot of time to let loose and party.

Louis showed off his glitterballs trophy. Copyright [Twitter]

Well, since bagging himself the glitter ball trophy in December, Louis, 24, is now making up for lost time.

Clearly enjoying himself with his friends as his partied in Peterborough nightclub ‘Edwards,’ Louis Smith decided it a good idea to whip of his trousers.

Stripping down to a tiny pair of Superman Y fronts, Louis left VERY little to the imagination.

Unfortunately for Louis, this is the modern age of social networking, meaning that his drunken exploits were quickly uploaded onto Twitter by a friend.

We bet seeing that didn’t help his sore head this morning.

Louis has his eye on a girl. Copyright [Wenn]

He may have been on an all lads night out but this doesn’t mean that Louis isn’t on the look for a Mrs Smith.

Talking to Reveal magazine recently, Louis Smith admitted that there was one girl in particular that he had his eye on.

He revealed: “There's someone on the horizon. She's just a girl... I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about this girl. I've had my eye on her quite a bit recently.

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"She's stuck in my head and I'm like, 'Damn, get out of my head so I can go to sleep!”

Let’s just hope she didn’t see that drunken picture.

Or, if it helps, perhaps it’s best she did.


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