Lorraine Kelly spanks Noel Fielding on Buzzcocks, sparks Twitter mayhem

We always knew Lorraine Kelly had a cheeky glint in her eye - and she proved it when presenting Never Mind The Buzzcocks this week.

Lorraine brought along her very own paddle, and when Noel Fielding threw a puppet across the studio, Lorraine wasted no time in telling him off.

She marched over to the comedian who was grinning with excitement, before telling him 'Bend over!' and then spanking his bottom.

Noel, however, seemed to enjoy his punishment, telling Lorraine "You're not like a mum, you're fit."

As a result of the saucy antics, Lorraine has been trending on Twitter all day, and we now want Noel and Lorraine as a permanent TV duo, please.

Watch Lorraine Kelly spanking Noel Fielding