I'm a Celebrity: Kian Egan is named KING OF THE JUNGLE

There could only ever be one true King of the Jungle.

Kian Egan has been crowned King of the Jungle for series 13 of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here
And tonight on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here it was shown to be Kian Egan. The Westlife singer has been crowned with fronds and fruit for his time spent in the jungle covered in rats, eating HIGHLY unmentionable parts of animals, and doing his level best at cooking a possum. Fellow finalist David Emanuel took the loss in good spirits, giving Kian a hearty hug and a huge smile. You'd almost forget that just twenty minutes prior we were watching them pop fish eyeballs with their teeth! Catch up on the final results plus a few of our favourite moments from the finale in our list below.

1. Right off the bat our potential Kings got some good news! Today they would get their Final Feast in the jungle. The bad news? It's DEFINITELY going to contain pig penis. Yummy.
Kian Egan looks eager, but David Emanuel looks like he knows he'll be eating a pig's nether regions soon. [Rex …

2. David managed to look incredible dapper while breaking the legs off of a gigantic cricket and dipping them in fondue.

3. Meanwhile Kian got his wish of eating ostrich anus, a yellow and white disc of flesh that he said tasted spongy. For some reason all we could think of were Fried Egg Haribo.
We'll never look at Haribo the same way again. [Rex]

4. David got the pig penis! He even found the crunchy bit! That means you'll have good luck for the next year, you lucky man.
If we sang 'This Little Piggy' would that make it better David? [Rex]

5. Fortunately for the boys all of the pain was worth it as they were rewarded with a meal made up of literally ANYTHING they wanted. They tucked into a feast of massive burgers, steaks, pizzas and smoked salmon. It was the cutest dinner date EVER. Kian even said he would propose to David, we were bummed when he didn't.

6. Ant made a startling confession mid way through the show: "I'm a thoroughly horrible person." Well, at least he's honest. What have you got to say for yourself, Dec?
We always suspected it Ant, but it's nice to have these things confirmed. [Rex]

7. For the final results announcement all of their fellow campmates returned to share in the celebrations. We were worried, but somehow Lucy Pargeter managed to refrain from saying CONTRABAND over and over again. It was bliss.
"Oh, was my saying contraband over and over and over and over and over and over getting annoying?" [Rex]

8. The big moment arrived and darling Kian Egan is named King of the Jungle. He now will have to remain in the jungle till the next series ruling over an empire of cockroaches and ostrich anuses. Well... it's what WE'D make the winner do.
Kian Egan has been crowned King of the Jungle for series 13 of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here

And so we come to the end of another series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Do you think the right man won? Did your favourite get sent packing way to soon? Let us know your thoughts, tantrums and favourite moments in the comments. Meanwhile be sure to catch up on all the moment to moment action with our live blog below.

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