Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson detained at airport after being found with a ‘weapon’, say WHAT?!

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson was detained at an airport after what was believed to be a knuckle duster was found in her hand luggage.

Jesy was taken away for questioning! Eek! Copyright: [twitter]

But before you go all *shocked face* on us, it's believed the airport staff mistook a spiked clutch bag for the weapon.

So basically, Jesy was almost arrested for taking a clutch bag with her on a flight, talk about being a fashion victim!

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She was taken away for questioning while her band mates Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirwall were left to board the plane without her.

Jesy told a newspaper:  "I had a clutch bag and it's got loads of spikes on it and they thought it was a knuckle duster, so they were like: 'You can't go through'.

The other LM girls went through, no probs! Copyright: [wenn]

"Then they said we need to search you and I got hauled away and questioned while the other girls were all boarding the plane."

"I was there for over half an hour and the man was saying to me 'This could be a weapon' and I was saying, 'No, no, it's my bag'."

See, further proof most men simply do not understand fashion, eh?

Jesy continued: "I mean, I just love spikes, I wear them on loads of things."

She added: "I got left behind in the name of fashion."