Lindsay Lohan set to move to UK to be with her new boyf Christian Arno Williams, we ask whether we can swap places and move to LA?

Could she be here to stay? We blimmin’ well hope so!

Lindsay Lohan has been LOVING London! Copyright: [Splash]

People of Britain watch out as Lindsay Lohan is reportedly looking to move here full time.

Yep, the US actress (even though granted we can’t remember the last thing she was sin) is believed to prefer ol’ Blighty to the sunny shores of LA.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Lindsay loves London nightlife and has been out almost every night since she's been here.”

And appaz despite her constant partying Lindsay loves the fact she has managed to stay out the limelight while she has been in the UK:

"She feels like she can stay under the radar a bit more here than in LA, and can out more freely. Lindsay has said she'd love to live in Notting Hill," the source added.

Lindsay Lohan on a recent night out in London. Copyright: [Splash]

Can we swap places, we wonder? Lindsay can totes live with our flat mate, we are sure he won’t mind.

And another reason Linds is keen to hop across the pond is because she does, after all, have a new boyfriend from here!

Lindsay is dating a British student from Liverpool (yep, really) and she is said to be smitten with part-time model Christian Arno Williams.
Meet Lindsay's new man! No wonder she is so keen on moving over! Copyright: [Twitter]

The Mean Girls star was reportedly overheard bragging about their romance during a trip to exclusive celebrity nightspot Boujis in Kensington, London.

An insider said: "Lindsay was overheard gushing about her new boy toy that she has been seen out with this week. Telling anyone who would listen how great he is."

We guess only time will tell! But she’s always free to kip on our sofa while she makes her mind up!

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