Lindsay Lohan tweets Max George photo, just WHAT is going on?

Things went quiet on the Lindsay Lohan and Max George front a couple of months ago. So quiet, in fact, that we'd pretty much forgotten that the whole random pairing ever happened.

Lindsay Lohan has tweeted this photo of her with Max GeorgeLindsay Lohan has tweeted this photo of her with Max George. Copyright [Lindsay Lohan]However Lindsay Lohan has tweeted a photo of her and Max George messing around and it's got us staring at the computer, mouths wide open, saying 'HUUUUUH?'

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Lindsay Lohan tweeted the photo without any caption or explanation, so we don't know if it's old or recent or what.

What we do know is that Lindsay and Max are both in London at the moment, so there's a high chance it IS a recent snap. Which would suggest they are STILL dating or hanging out or she's still his groupie, or whatever it is they want to call it.

Lindsay Lohan and Max GeorgeLindsay Lohan and Max George were last spotted together before Christmas. Copyright [Splash]The photo shows Lindsay Lohan holding a camera and covering part of her face with her hand, as Max George poses (omg face and everything) behind her.

To say we're a bit confused is an understatement. We still can't really get our heads around the fact that Lindsay and Max even know each other, let alone hang out as friends/maybe more than friends.

Max GeorgeMax George did, however, call Lindsay Lohan a groupie. Copyright [Rex]The Wanted singer met LiLo during that infamous night out in November which saw Lindsay arrested for, allegedly, fighting a girl who was talking to Max.

The Wanted then performed a gig wearing 'Free Lindsay' T shirts, before Max said she's just a groupie.

Still confused? Us too. They've definitely won the 'Most Random Celebrity Friendship' award anyway.