Lindsay Lohan is STILL in London, could Celebrity Big Brother still be on the cards?

Lindsay Lohan is still in London which means we are not abandoning a possible Celebrity Big Brother appearance just yet.

Lindsay in London last night. Copyright: [wenn]

Lindsay was rumoured to be on the shortlist for this series and it is STILL a possibility if you ask us.

Well, otherwise just what the heck is La Lohan still on our soils? You can't tell us she likes Eastenders and HP sauce THAT much.

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Unless she is stalking Max George, which is also a possibility.

Yesterday she was spotted out and about in a massive velvet jacket (incognito?) partying until 5am in the capital.

Lindsay was out in London last night until 5am. Copyright: [wenn]

OK, so we are no longer expecting full housemate status (although we can dream) but surely a little cameo role isn't too much to ask?

Well, she is in the blimmin' area so may as well pop in!

Or perhaps she could make a Jackie Stallone style entrance, just ANYTHING please!

Lohan in the BB house is the stuff of a celeb addict's (i.e us) dreams! And we are not giving up hope just yet.

We guess only time will tell.

However, another rumour which would explain Lindsay's sudden interest in old Blighty is that she is being PAID to party.

Yes, really.

According to sources, Lindsay is being paid by Brunei's Haji Abdul Azim, a wealthy man known as Prince Azim, who's reputed to throw lavish parties and pay celebrities to attend.

"Everyone, including Mariah Carey, Chace Crawford and Raquel Welch, have accepted his invites in the past, so it's no shame on Lindsay," a friend of the actress says.

"Not only will she get paid for a few hours' 'work,' she also got travel expenses and her suite at the Dorchester paid for. Only a fool would say no."

Apparantly this chap paid Lionel Ritchie $250,000 to hang out with him.

Only in celeb land, eh?!

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