Lindsay Lohan steps out looking disheveled following latest court appearances. Uh oh.

Every so often, we see photos of Lindsay Lohan that make us go 'uh oh'. And the pictures of the star at an event last night fall into that category.

Lindsay Lohan looked a little disheveled last night. Copyright [Splash]

Lindsay Lohan stepped out at a New York event last night looking a little disheveled.

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Despite wearing a stunning embellished dress, Lindsay Lohan's hair looked as though it hadn't been brushed, and as she left the party her face was a little puffy and bloated.

Lindsay Lohan was out following her latest court appearances. Copyright [Splash]Lindsay obviously has a lot on her mind, after she was back in court last week.

Her latest court appearance related to driving offences from last year. After turning up late to court and claiming she was ill, the judge took a dislike to her and said she could end up going to jail.

However, straight after her court appearance, Lindsay Lohan tweeted a photograph of a lit cigarette and some stunning diamond jewellery, which outraged her followers.

Lindsay Lohan donned an amazing dress. Copyright [Splash]Lindsay's changing appearance is something that's long been commented on, and we reckon these photos will just add fuel to the fire.

It's been suggested recently that the actress has had cosmetic surgery including cheek and lip fillers, but nothing's ever been confirmed.

We just hope that Lindsay's latest brush with the law is enough to spur her on to get her acting career back on track.