Lindsay Lohan evicted from LA hotel after refusing to pay her bill… which was for £29,000!

Lindsay Lohan has become the first celebrity ever to be barred from the famous Chateau Marmont hotel in LA.

Lindsay is barred! Copyright: [rex]

What did she do to deserve this? Well, she forgot to pay her bill you see.

Her bill just happened to be for £29,000!

That's more than most of us earn a year, so you can understand the hotel's concern.

They reportedly wrote her a letter saying that they would prefer it if she didn't use the hotel anymore after she failed repeatedly to pick up her tab.

We just want to know what the heck Linds was splashing all that cash on in a hotel?

Maybe she filled every bath in the hotel up with Cristal and caviar and sat in them one at a time ordering room service?

Lindsay must love her cigs! Copyright: [rex]

Actually we do know some of what was totted up on Lindsay's bill.

Apparently the actress spent £500 in one night, solely using the mini bar.

Lindsay's bill also showed that she spent a whopping £432 on cigarettes over 47 days.

So basically she has been sitting inside smoking hundreds of cigarettes, drinking out of teeny mini bar bottles.

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But it is a well known fact that those teeny tiny bottles do cost a bomb and poor old Linds probably just lost track.

Who doesn't love mini Pringles from the mini bar?

Lesson here: your Dad was right: don't go near the mini bar!

It's no surprise she just so managed to let the small matter of £29,000 slip her mind.