Lindsay Lohan gets attacked with glitter outside court, arrives 49 minutes late for her trial after missing flight

Lindsay Lohan was attacked with a glitter bomb as she arrived for court this afternoon.

Lindsay Lohan was attacked by a glitter bomb as she arrived at court today. Copyright [Splash]

Arriving 49 minutes late for her hearing after missing a flight home from New York, Lindsay was showered in gold glitter as she strutted into the courthouse.

The 26-year-old - who appeared to be dressed up like Princess Leia for the event - seemed unfazed by the Glen Coco-style attack, smirking as she walked through the cloud of sparkly dust.

Lindsay managed to show her face at her court appearance after initially missing her flight back from NYC.

According to reports, LiLo was too busy 'watching a band' to make her flight home.

Lindsay Lohan was unfazed by the attack, strolling straight through the sparkly cloud with a smirk on her face. …

But all was saved when Lindsay apparently convinced one of the drink companies that she sponsors to fly her home via private jet.

She tweeted: "Thanks Mr Pink for the private jet see you all in a few hours in LA."

NOTE: Only read on if you're keeping up with her court appearances (as if anyone is) - otherwise, end transmission.

Princess Lei-indsay faces trial for a "traffic incident" in LA last summer.

Lindsay Lohan only just made it to her court appearance, arriving 49 minutes late. Copyright [Splash]

She is accused of reckless driving, providing false info to the police and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer.

Lindsay is still on probation following her necklace theft case in 2011, meaning she could face jail time if she's found guilty.

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