Liam Payne has a better six pack than One Direction bandmate Harry Styles after work out sessions - EXCLUSIVE

They might already be one of the most lusted after boybands on the planet, but it seems that some of them are more buff than others.
Liam Payne has a better six pack than One Direction bandmate Harry Styles after putting in work at the gym. Copyright …

Despite Harry Styles' popularity, it's apparently Liam Payne who has the best six-pack, after putting in the most work during their gym sessions, omg! can exclusively reveal.

One Direction's personal trainer, Mark Jarvis, has been putting the boys through their paces, with Liam working harder than them all.

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Mark's manager, Ramzy Khachnik, exclusively told omg!'s source: ''Harry hasn’t got a Brad Pitt body yet, but Liam has.''

He added: ''Liam’s got the best body, a washboard stomach now. He’s the one responding the best and  enjoys it the most.''
Harry Styles' physique isn't up to the same standard as Liam, according to his trainer's manager

But staunch Harry fans need not fear as apparently the 19-year-old has still been making the most of his work-out sessions and toning up.

Ramzy added: ''Mark says Harry’s grown into a man. He’s shed his puppy fat, his body has really changed... but he’s not ripped.''

He added: ''Mark says his shape has changed completely, he’s harder and more muscular.''

''But Harry’s never going to be completely ripped, its harder for his body type than others, he’s more fleshy than Liam.''
One Direction all work hard in the gym, but Liam Payne is the most dedicated. Copyright [REX]

''Mark says he’s lost body fat and gained muscle and his shoulders and chest have filled out.''

And it seems that Ramzy has some added inside gossip, as apparently Harry id the only member of the band not to have a 'secret girlfriend.'

He added: ''All the others have had secret girlfriends except Harry, Niall has one too but I don’t know who it is.''

Well I suppose we'll have to draw out own conclusions!

Liam Payne with his sisters. Guess which one's Liam. You can't tell but they're about to give him a makeover.
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