Liam Hemsworth is today’s Friday Fittie – here’s why we love Miley Cryus’ man

Miley Cyrus may captivate most people as she tweets her way through her hot new hair cut, but really we'd just like her to share more snaps of her beau, Liam Hemsworth.

liam hemsworthLiam Hemsworth with his finacee Miley Cyrus. [Copyright: Twitter]

The Hunger Games hottie, has been disappointingly under the radar until the first installment of the film franchise starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

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And seeing as it's a Friday afternoon we'd like to celebrate his hotness and just in case you didn't have the hots for Liam (are you blind?) here's three reasons why we love him…

1. He has a very cute Aussie accent — and what girl isn't blown away by that?
2. Err that buff body is enough to make us melt every time
3. Liam's piercing blue eyes, we could stare into them for hours on end

To further celebrate Liam's lusciousness, we're also running this Hunger Games comp…

WIN The Hunger Games goody bag

Packed inside this fabulous prize for fans is a Blu-ray/DVD copy of the first film, Mockingjay pin, a dogtag, mini poster, Mockingjay pendants and the book trilogy.

To enter, tweet: "Dear @YahooOmgUK if I was in The Hunger Games my weapon of choice would be (insert item here) #omgcomps"

The Hunger Games is out on 2-disc DVD, 2-disc Blu-Ray, TVOD and digital download formats on Monday September 3rd