Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger back together? Phew

We were pretty devastated when it seemed like one of our favourite celebrity couples, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger, had split up.

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole ScherzingerLewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger are apparently back on. Copyright [WENN]Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger may have had quite a few splits during their relationship, but the latest break-up, caused by Lewis partying with 10 girls, seemed pretty final.

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However, it seems that Lewis and Nicole may have just patched things up.

The Mirror report overhearing Lewis Hamilton at a party last night, telling friends that the pair were back together.

He even went on to say that Nicole trusts him '100%'.

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole ScherzingerLewis Hamilton was overheard saying he and Nicole Scherzinger were back on and better than ever. Copyright [WE …Lewis apparently said: "Nicole and I are happy and together — we're back on. She trusts me 100%."

We're pleased, because the photos of Lewis partying with 10 girls were exactly the sorts of pictures every girl dreads seeing.

And then during the X Factor auditions last week, Nicole Scherzinger broke down in floods of tears after an emotional performance from a contestant.

In fact, Nicole was so inconsolable that filming had to be stopped and her makeup reapplied. The whole emotional outburst seemed to indicate that all was not well in Nic's personal life.

So we're very pleased that the pair seem to have patched things up. Now we think Lewis needs to do the honorable thing and pop the question.