Lewis Hamilton to make music with Jay Z’s protégée (Will Nicole Scherzinger give him tips?)

Lewis Hamilton may be famed for racing, but he's set to embark on a rapping career if music maestro Jay Z has anything to do with it.

lewis hamiltonLewis Hamilton will reportedly make music with rapper J Cole. Copyright [WENN]

In the wake of cheating rumours, Nicole Scherzinger's boyfriend Lewis Hamilton is planning to collaborate on a track with American rapper J Cole — who is signed to Jay Z's label.

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The surprising collaboration came after a night of partying in London for the pair.

The Sun report the princess of pop Rihanna introduced the boys in the capital as they partied post Wireless festival.

j coleJ Cole partied with Lewis Hamilton earlier this week and invited him into the studio. Copyright [WENN]

J Cole and Lewis then rekindled their bromance on Tuesday night, dining at London eatery Hakkasan and making music was firmly on the agenda.

A source told the paper: "Lewis had a great night with J Cole. He's a massive rap fan and J is really into F1 so they've bonded quickly.

"They had a long dinner with a group of girls and the rapper's manager.

"J invited him to his studio the next time Lewis is in the US and said they could work on music together. Lewis said he'd repay him by sorting him out at any Grand Prix he wanted to go to."

j coleLewis was all smiles as he partied in London with J Cole. Copyright [WENN]

We can't wait to see what the come up with.

The night took a more negative turn when the F1 driver was spotted hugging a female friend Phreeda Sharp although Lewis quickly cleared the matter up on Twitter:

"Phreeda is like my sister, a good mate to me n Nicole. Can't say goodbye 2 friends without it being seen as a mystery kiss.

"Next time may have 2 shake hands!! Madness[sic]!"

No girl in her right mind would settle for that Lewis, sorry Nicole!