Les Mis world premiere: Isla Fisher’s boobs upstage hubby Sascha Baron Cohen

Isla Fisher managed to upstage her hubby Sasha Baron Cohen at last night's premiere of *his* new film Les Miserables.

Two ways to steal the limelight! Copyright: [Splash]

Well, to be more specific: her boobs did.

Yep, all eyes were drawn downwards as Isla stepped onto the red carpet.

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However, we are just worried she is about to catch her death.

It was beyond freezing (literally, we think it was about minus 1) on the red carpet last night and we should know - we stood on it for about two hours.

A gorgeous but surely very freezing couple! Copyright: [Splash]

The stars were getting so freezing that a load of capes were quickly drafted in just so the stars could stay on the red carpet long enough to talk to the press and have a few photos.

We overheard Anne Hathaway telling everyone how freezing she was with her teeth chattering while Amanda Seyfried chucked a beige cape around her to chat with us.

Meanwhile, we don't know if it was the cold making our eyes go funny but we definitely had a bit of a crush on Sasha Baron Cohen last night.

Yep, that's right we fancy Borat.

Is any one else in agreement, or are parts of our brains frozen?