Leona Lewis spends £100,000 for performance on ‘Red or Black’

With her sleek hair, slick make-up and chic body-con, we knew that Leona Lewis had gone all Hollywood. However, when we heard about her performance on tomorrow night's brand new 'Red and Black' show, our heads were spinning.

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Not only is Leona going all out on her costume, wearing a tailor-made outfit, but the performance itself is masterminded by Kylie Minogue's right-hand-man, will feature 24 dancers and is costing a whopping £100,000.

Yes, really. You could buy a flipping nice HOUSE with that amount of cash.

Bearing in mind that Cheryl Cole's UH-MAY-ZING performance of Fight For This Love on the X Factor two years was a snip at £65,000 (and that involved a soldier uniform and a huge dance routine,) we cannot WAIT to see what Leona comes up with.

Welcome back, girl.