Lawson Week: Ryan Fletcher blogs exclusively for omg!

We've loved the Lawson boys ever since they first came and had a cuppa with us back before they got all huge and important.

Lawson are blogging for us exclusively all week!

And three top 10 singles later and plus a whole load of celebrity mates (think The Wanted, Mollie King and Jessie J) they are still as down to earth and lovable as ever.

With their hotly-awaited debut album Chapman Square out THIS WEEK, and the omg! girls having the record on constant repeat, we've decided to make make it Lawson Week, with an exclusive blog from the boys each day.

This time it's Ryan's turn to pull an omg face and chat fan cakes and Kelly Clarkson...

"OMG! It's Ryan from Lawson here, Yahoo! See what I did there?

As you may or may not be aware, we're taking over this site for the week, keeping you up to date on what shizzle has been happening whilst we hit the road doing signings, singing and sleeping and various other things beginning with 'S.'

Ryan takes over today!

Yesterday, we visited Birmingham and Manchester to sign copies of our debut album Chapman Square.

Having fun a signing...

The amount of peeps who turned out was INSANE so thanks to all those who made the effort to come and say hi. We love meeting you all. Also, thanks to the fans who baked us our very own cake. It went down very nicely with a cuppa.

The boys enjoyed this cake from fans with a cuppa.

We've spent a fair bit of time in the van yesterday catching up on our sleep and trying to get rid of our hangovers from the night before.

We've had John Mayer on in the car and Kelly Clarkson's new tune which is amazing. Andy and Adam went and saw her in concert an the weekend. Here is a picture of them doing exactly that.

Anyhoo, enough from me. Enjoy your Weds, don't let the grey skies get you down, and will leave Joel to fill you in on today's goings ons tomorrow!

Ryan x"

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