Lawson unveil Taking Over Me video, reveal they’re still in touch with the girls

Lawson's first single, When She Was Mine, was an out and out smash hit.

Lawson Taking Over Me videoLawson have unveiled the video for Taking Over Me. Copyright [PR Image]So we were very excited to hear Lawson's follow up single, Taking Over Me. And now they've unveiled the video too, we're more in love than ever.

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The video for Taking Over Me was shot in LA, with the boys rocking out in a hazy field.

They then head to a diner where a fair bit of kissing and laughing ensues.


In fact, when we chatted exclusively to Lawson at T4 On the Beach, they revealed how much fun the video had been to shoot.

Andy told us: "We just shot the video, it was out in LA which was pretty amazing. We got quite a lot of beautiful girls."

Adam went on to us that the lads were pretty pleased that they'd all get the girls in this video.

LawsonThere's quite a lot of kissing in the new Lawson video. Copyright [Lawson]He told us: "In When She Was Mine, only Andy had a girl. This time, we all got a girl. It was brilliant."

When we asked if the guys are still in touch with the girls, they told us yes.

Andy said: "Yeah we are, on Facebook."

Adam continued: "You can't miss an opportunity like that - four hot Americans!"

And hot they most certainly are - but, having said that, Lawson aren't bad either.

Taking Over Me is released on 5th August