Lawson gain a fan in the form of Miley Cyrus, set to take over the world shortly

Lawson have a new fan in the form of Miley get-your-tum-out Cyrus!

Half of Lawson appreciate Miley's er, body of work. Copyright: [Lawson]

Y'see, Lawson have done a bit of a Saturdays and are over in the US on the first step of what we reckon will be Lawson world domination.

Well, they are pretty fab so we reckon it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world realises this too.

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However, they haven't forgotten about us left here in Blighty and kindly have been keeping us updated on what's new across the pond.

So what have they been up to?

Lawson are set to take over the world, be warned. Copyright: [Lawson]

Well, aside from playing sold out shows and notching up a bucket load of new American fans they have also made time to make friends with Miley Cyrus!

Well, on Twitter any way and isn't that the basis of all good friendships?

The boys sent us this snap of their mutual Miley appreciation and a few words about how they are getting on.

Adam says: "This American trip has been so bizarre."

"We've been getting recognised in the streets, have sold out our shows and now Miley Cyrus is following us on Twitter and saying her mum fancies us!"

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"Not bad considering we've not even decided on a US single yet."

And if you need a Lawson fix while the boys are away make sure you download their new single Learn To Love Again NOW!