Lawson EXCLUSIVE: Made In Chelsea’s Binky is hot, we’d like a pint with Spencer Matthews too

The Made In Chelsea cast haven't just clocked up one celebrity fan in the form of Millie Mackintosh's boyfriend Professor Green hot new band on the block, Lawson are huge fans.

made in chelseaLawson are big fans of the Made In Chelsea cast. Copyright [WENN]

And it's not just the  MIC girls that Ryan, Andy, Adam and Joel seriously admire, Spencer Matthew was top of their bromance list.

Lawson told us: "We'd love a pint with Spencer, he's cool!"

That he is!

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But it's the girls who really caught the guys' eyes although it's not Millie who they fancy — they named Caggie Dunlop and Binky Felstead as the cast members they're keen to date… and who can blame them?

While on the subject on hot women Lawson opened up about how amazing it is to have a strong female following.

lawsonLawson admitted they're attention seekers. Copyright [WENN]

The said: "We're all attention seekers -  it's the whole reason we're in a band!

"It's flattering when we come off stage and all the girls are waiting for us —we'll never get bored of it."

And we doubt either will the fans!

But the band did reveal some unusual ways the fans have tried to catch their attention…

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Adam revealed: "About a year ago in Glasgow someone put a condom with a note on it with their number in the back of my pocket — and yes, of course I called them."

And not just that… "The fans write messages on our van in nail varnish — and some write their numbers on it too."

For the fans that aren't able to get so close to the boys there are other techniques…

"We got a condom thrown at us on stage and a bra," they told us. "What we are going to do with those?"

Haha, we'll think you'll figure it out boys.