Lawson catch up with The Wanted at T4 On the Beach

When we heard that both Lawson and The Wanted were going to be appearing at T4 On the Beach, we were pretty excited.

Lawson, The WantedLawson's Joel catching up with The Wanted's Tom Parker. Copyright [PR image]We were even more excited to see that Lawson and The Wanted made time to catch up with each other backstage, ahead of their performances.

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We got our hands on this cute snap of the boys backstage, with Joel and Tom Parker catching up over an ice cream.

We're glad to see that despite the cold weather, the boys still found some time to chomp on a Magnum.

It's not just the photo of Joel and The Wanted that we've managed to find, though. We've got a whole array of secret photos of Lawson behind the scenes at T4 On the Beach.

Lawson arrived in the rain…

LawsonLawson arrived in the rain. Copyright [PR image]But that didn't stop them from putting on their best smiles and doing some filming in front of the green screen.

LawsonLawson doing some filming

The lads then hung out together backstage, messing around with the props.

LawsonLawson messed around backstage. Copyright [PR image]

Lawson found themselves huge bags full of free goodies — err, fancy sharing some of that with us?!

LawsonThey then nabbed themselves some goodies. Copyright [PR image]

Next up was the showbiz part — the lads posed for the cameras like absolute pros.

LawsonLawson posed for their photos like pros. Copyright [PR image]

They then got to meet some fans — and received some marriage proposals.

LawsonLawson met their fans. Copyright [PR image]

Lawson finally took to the stage and crooned When She Was Mine — much to everyone's delight. Especially ours.

LawsonLawson then took to the stage. Copyright [PR image]Lawson's new single, Taking Over Me, is out on July 29th