Lauren Pope TOWIE EXCLUSIVE: ‘Amy Childs shouldn’t have left when she did’

Lauren Pope has confessed that she thinks Amy Childs was unwise to leave TOWIE when she did.

Lauren reckons Amy should have stayed on the show longer. Copyright: [wenn]

In an exclusive chat with omg! Lauren told us that she thinks Amy left the show too soon and could have stayed a lot longer.

Lauren told us: "I think Amy should have stayed longer, she left too early but she had an amazing offer, she had to take but I know she had so much more to give."

Amy famously left the show after the first series to concentrate on her own projects, a decision which split Essex and caused some people to make some not very nice comments about Amy.

So what does Lauren make of newer characters like Mario Falcone saying that all Amy Childs is good for is 'sticking plastic on peoples' vaginas'?!

Lauren says: "I don't think they were bitching, they were retaliating. Amy can give a lot of opinions on the show even though she isn't on it anymore."

"And if someone says something unkind, they are going to retaliate."

Fair point.

Lauren on this week's TOWIE live episode. Copyright: [wenn]

However, we're not sure how much to trust Ms Pope, after she also told us in the same interview that she would 'never' get back with Kirk.

We chatted to Lauren just a few days before she did, in fact, do just that on this week's TOWIE!

Lauren told us: "No, I would never get back with Kirk, no! Mick is better than Kirk!"

*raises eyebrow*

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