One Direction: New Larry Stylinson bromance PIC

There isn't a bromance we like better in the world than the One Direction Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson bromance aka Larry Stylinson.

And so it pleases us muchly that on this rainy Sunday afternoon the cutest of new Larry Stylinson pics has landed on in our lap.

The new black and white picture shows One Direction cuties Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson having a bit of a moment backstage during rehearsals in LA.

Harry, dressed in his trademark bow-tie and Louis in braces, look into each other's eyes (as only a true bromance pairing is capable of) in a cheeky fashion as they prepare to head on stage to rehearse.

The photo is one of a set of One Direction released by record label SyCo.

Another shows the full group - Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan - chilling out together backstage on a leather sofa.

One Direction chilling backstage/Austin Hargrave

Another shows the rather gorge One Direction member Liam Payne in a laid back tee staring up at a hanging microphone backstage.

Liam Payne backstage/Austin Hargrave

Another pic from the set taken backstage on the One Direction tour shows Zayn Malik and his rather large quiff.

Zayn Malik shows off his quiff in this black and white shot/Austin Hargrave

Well that's our Sunday evening gazing sorted then.

Meanwhile One Direction have vowed never to leave the UK for good. Phew.

The lads have been told they could earn a fortune if they moved abroad to the States.

But Liam has reassured Directioners that the boys will be staying at home.

He said: "We were all asked the other day where we would want to live in the world and we all said the UK. There are great places out there but you can't pick anywhere but home.

"Obviously we miss home a lot and we have been away now for many weeks but we will be back. Our fans there are the best. Without them we would not be enjoying the success we are."