Lana Del Rey: Who is she and why’s she got everybody talking?

Lana Del Rey is the new woman of the moment. But just who is she? And why has she got everybody talking about her?

Vital stats

Name: Born Elizabeth Grant, changed her name to Lana Del Rey

Age: 25

From: New York

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What's her background?

Lizzy Grant released her first EP in 2008, but it was only when she changed her name and took to the internet that people sat up and listened. Her debut single Video Games was rejected by every record company boss who heard it.

However, she filmed a promo clip on her laptop, stuck the song on YouTube and 22 million views later, Lana Del Rey has become an overnight sensation.

Lana Del Rey is the woman of the moment / WENNWhat kind of music does she do?

We girls know there's nothing like a relationship drama to get you all emosh, and most of Lana's album is about past relationships. Brace yourselves, her lyrics aren't for the faint-hearted. The album talks about everything from death, to drugs to being in love with bad boys. If you like haunting and hypnotic, you'll love Lana.

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Noteable slip-ups

She's only been in the public eye for five minutes, but already Lana's caused controversy. First of all, there was her performance on Saturday Night Live, during which she was visibly nervous and out of tune.

Then, a few days later, Lana headed over the UK where she was due to appear at the MTV's Brand New for 2012 show. She pulled out at the last minute because of an 'unspecified illness.' It didn't end there, though. She then went on Radio 6 and proceeded to say: "F***ing hell" during a live interview. Oops.

What's the fuss about her lips?

Lana has a pout to die for, but it's been claimed that her lips aren't entirely natural. The rumours heightened after she pouted her way through Video Games.

She said afterwards: "Had I been aware of what was ahead of me, I'd have tried not to pout so much in the Video Games video." However, there's nothing like a plastic surgery scandal to put you on the map — just ask Britney Spears or the stars of TOWIE.

This Saturday Night Live performance caused controversy / RexWhy's she one to watch?

In short, Lana's gorgeous, talented and has a personality. Her music (and radio slip-ups) may not be to everyone's taste, but there's no denying that she's got everyone talking — and her debut album, Born to Die, has only been released today. And, much like Lady Gaga, she's fought for years for her music to be heard. We reckon she's one determined lady who's only just getting started. Girl. Power.