Lady Gaga wears most shocking outfit to date – it’s a bit normal

Lady Gaga doesn't disappoint when we want crazy celebrity fashion she delivers every time but during her recent stay down under, she's been rocking much more modest attire.

lady gagaLady Gaga played down her fashion in Australia. Copyright [Getty]

Yesterday Lady Gaga stepped out in Melbourne, Australia in an ensemble not too far away from the average wardrobe!

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Ok, so we'll pass on the platform lace up boots but the paisley print playsuit in red and gold works for us civilians as do the black tights and the cute black belt.

Teamed with a blazer and hat this look is much less playful than we're used to but it's a refreshing change.

lady gaga australiaLady Gaga was greeted by her fans in Melbourne. Copyright [Getty]

If it weren't for the superstar shades and platinum blonde locks this could have been anybody pounding the pavements.

But of course it wasn't just anyone, as the signer proved while she stopped to sign autographs for the countless fans waiting to meet her.

lady gagaLady Gaga was at her crazy best in Sydney last week. Copyright [Rex]

Last week the star was at her quirky best in a very tight black all-in-one that looked more suited to a 80s dance video than the streets of Sydney.

She wore the same hat, boots and blazer as yesterday but rocked fish nets and the cycling short look in the only way Gaga can.

It's utter fashion madness and we still love it!