Lady Gaga shows off her real hair at iTunes Festival as Niall Horan and Adele look on

She's known for her crazy wigs and outfits, but last night this popstar went au naturel.

Lady Gaga gave fans a rare insight into her natural appearance, showing off her real hair at the iTunes Festival …Yes, really.

For her opening performance at the iTunes Festival last night, Lady Gaga whipped off her wig to reveal her natural hair as Niall Horan and Adele looked on in the audience.

Lady Gaga wore an interesting array of costumes for her performance at the iTunes Festival. Copyright [Getty]Gaga gave the crowd a rare insight into her natural appearance as she took off her massive blonde curly wig to reveal a jet black, wavy bob.

She explained: "This is my real hair. I used wigs for a long time to become different people, when I didn't feel strong enough to be me. In order to grow, I knew I had to show you what's underneath all the theatre, so here I am."

Niall Horan was snapped leaving the venue after Lady Gaga's performance. Copyright [Splash]The star performed a 70-minute long set consisting of only new music from her album, ARTPOP.

She seemed pretty overwhelmed by the whole experience, having been away from her fans for what feels like a lifetime after taking time off to recover from a broken hip.

Adele was also at the show, rocking a no-make-up look. Copyright [Rex]At one point she said: "What's up London? Do you have to scream so loud? I can hardly hear myself. When I'm not with you, I can't live. But I'm like Dorothy now - there's no place like home."

And it seems that a whole host of celebrities were keen to get in on the Gaga action.

Lady Gaga wore a bubble outfit to leave the iTunes Festival. Copyright [Getty]We were at the gig and spied One Direction's Niall Horan bopping away to the show.

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Adele also made a very rare public appearance to attend the gig as well, and it seems that she got the 'look natural' memo, showing up without a scrap of make-up on.

Gaga wore this infamous meat dress to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles in September 2010 / WENN
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