Lady Gaga gets nearly naked, shows off her thong

Lady Gaga has got her bum out in a very raunchy clip for her new song Cake.

Nice bum Gaga, have you been working out!? Copyright: [YouTube]

In typical Gaga style, she gets pretty naked, pretty quick.

Well, it's only 15 seconds long but she still manages to show off her thong!

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The 15-second teaser — shot by celebrated photographer Terry Richardson — begins with the singer crawling up to the camera in just her undercrackers.

Lady G crawls up to the camera in her bra. Standard. Copyright: [YouTube]


As you do.

She then hops in a bath tub with two other ladies who proceed to give her bum a little squeeze.


Again, as you do.

We really think it's only a matter of time before she just starts getting completely naked for her videos.

And even then we don't think we will be shocked.

Gaga finishes off the video with a little dance in her knickers, kind of the thing you would do if you were getting ready and your new favourite song came on the radio.

Who doesn't love a dance in their pants?! Copyright: [YouTube]

And perhaps that might just be Cake - we've heard it and it's typical Gaga pop greatness.

However, it's a bit different because in Cake, Gaga has a little RAP!

Yes, as in Jay Z style.

It seems that is the latest trend to sweep popland after Girls Aloud also rap in their new track.