Lady Gaga forgets her dress, gets all sweary. Standard.

Nothing that Lady Gaga does surprises us much anymore.

Lady Gaga, swearing, LAXLady Gaga touched down in LAX in underwear. And started swearing. Copyright [Wenn]

So when she touched down in LA yesterday wearing nothing but underwear and getting all sweary it was all a bit predictable.

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The kooky singer looked like she'd forgotten to put her dress on as she made her way through LAX airport after arriving from Sydney.

Lady GagaLady Gaga wore a bra, thong and black tights as she touched down. Copyright [Rex]

LG donned the kind of outfit we'd wear around the house to put our make-up on - a black bra, black thong and black opaque tights.

Covering her modestly only with a black cropped biker jacket and dark sunglasses, the singer made her way through crowds of fans and photographers.

And because no Lady Gaga entrance goes without at least some controversy, the songstress got all sweary to celebrate her arrival back in the US.

Lady Gaga, swearing, LAXLady Gaga made sure she caused a stir as per usual at LAX. Copyright [Rex]

It could have been because she'd been on a 12-hour flight (that's always enough to make us ratty).

Or it could be because she had GENUINELY forgotten the rest of her outfit in Sydney (she did leave the country in a black leather frock).

Or perhaps it was all down to the little pesky ladder LG got in her opaques (yes really, you can spot it right at the top of her right thigh BELOW).

Lady GagaLady Gaga may have been swearing because she's got a ladder in her tights. Copyright [Rex]

Either way, the 26-year-old was set on making an entrance as she arrived back in America after her string of Aussie gigs.

Gaga tweeted earlier this week: "After tonight's show, I'll have performed for 200,000 Australians in 1 month".