Lady Gaga has a DOUBLE wardrobe malfunction, struggles to fit into cab, reveals her nipple and then almost falling face-first into the car - VIDEO

Not that we haven't seen her entirely naked before.

But we got yet another flash of Lady Gaga's lady lumps last night after she suffered a tragic fashion faux pas in front of the paps.

The singer was left in a sticky situation outside the ITV studios late last night after a poor costume choice and lack of exit strategy left her suffering a double wardrobe malfunction in front of photographers.

It all started so well for Lady Gaga. Copyright [Rex]

After appearing on Graham Norton's show, Gaga was making her backstage exit - as slowly as possible in those heels - when things went awry.

The 27-year-old failed to plan ahead of her exit, and was left struggling to get her towering peacock feather head dress into the back of her cab.

After stopping to pose for the paps, Gaga made her way slowly to her cab, bending forward to try and get the head dress in first.

Lady Gaga prepared herself for the struggle as she approached the cab, clearly realising her costume error. Copyright …
Poor Lady Gaga thought bending down far enough would help her into the cab. Copyright [Rex]

And after spending a good few seconds struggling with the costume, things got even worse for Gaga when her top rode up to reveal her entire boob to the howling horde of paps behind her.

With her entourage already safely inside the car, Gaga was left trying to contend with both her nipple slip and her awkward head dress, eventually just falling face first into the backseat.

But things got even more awkward when Lady Gaga reached up to try and squeeze the head dress into the cab, with …
Lady Gaga struggled to contain her assets after leaning over almost on to her knees to get into the cab. Copyright …

This isn't the first time we've seen the singer struggling with her array of ridiculous ensembles.

Earlier this week she was spotted struggling to keep her head up after opting to wear a giant hash brown on her head - and let's not forget her camel toe moment on X Factor *shudders*.

Gaga wore this infamous meat dress to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles in September 2010 / WENN
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