Lady Gaga arrives in London. Dresses in usual demure attire.

She is known for her outlandish fashion almost as much as she is for her music and it seems that Lady Gaga has made no exception to her wardobe while visiting London.

Lady Gaga in London today. [Copyright Rex]

Dressed in bright orange, the singer wore a dress that wouldn't have looked out of place in Victorian England.

Minus the colour of course.

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The singer also showed off her newly dyed brunette hair, styled in an Audrey Hepburn fashion circa 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

The pop superstar was spotted leaving the Dorchester Hotel without a care in world as pedestrians looked on in astonishment.

Not long after however, Gaga was mobbed by her adoring fans.

Lady Gaga leaves the Dorchester dressed as to not draw attention to herself. [Copyright Rex]

Gaga has been staying in the capital while she performs the London leg of her 'Born this Way Ball' at Twikenham Stadium.

Following last night's performance, Gaga tweeted her UK fans to thank them for coming out to see her.

She posted: "Twickenham, im not even sure what to say. I'll never forget tonight. London you were the fairest of the ball. now THAT was f*cking fun."

The concert, which continues tonight, included a tribute to the late Princess Diana and Amy Winehouse as well as a cover of John Lennon's classic 'Imagine'.

The healthy singer recently admitted that she manages to stay trim by eating a little at a time.

She said: "I have a little fish, a little salad, a little coffee...I prefer to graze. I eat like a cow - a very cute cow."