Lacey Banghard poses next to giant fluffy condoms, Celebrity Big Brother clearly did her career wonders

She talked at length about her business plan to bring out her own range of condoms during Celebrity Big Brother so it should come as no surprise that Lacey Banghard has been pictured next to two giant prophylactics.

Lacey Banghard poses with two giant condoms, yes really.

However, Lacey wasn’t promoting her range of ‘Banghard, Bangsafe' condoms.

(OK we may have made that title up).

The page three model was instead promoting the sterilisation of cats and dogs for charity PETA.

Accompanied by two activists dressed as condoms, Lacey did her best ‘I’m trying to look sexy but this is just ridiculous face' for the cameras.

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Talking about the importance of spaying cats and dogs, Lacey Banghard seemed to know her stuff.

(Or more than likely she memorised her script she was given)

Nope, words still fail us.

She said: "If cats and dogs could rubber-up, tens of thousands of animals would be spared suffering and death every year.

"But they can't, so it's up to us to fix the problem by fixing our animals."

Well it’s good to see her stint on Celebrity Big Brother wasn’t in vain- this is some high profile stuff.

Talking to omg! after being the third person to be evicted from the house, Lacey Banghard revealed her plans to bring out a range of condoms.

She said: "I'd be very happy to bring out my condom range. I'm so happy that people have responded well to it."

With that in mind, don't be too surprised if you see similar pictures in the not too distant future.


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