Kylie EXCLUSIVE: My next album will be more personal

Kylie Minogue has exclusively revealed her next album will be much more personal.

The Aussie popstar, who has just released 'The Abbey Road Sessions' to celebrate K25, said that the single 'Flower' has prompted her to dig deeper into her own experiences.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo! omg! about her next record, the pint-sized singer said: "I said earlier in the year that I would love the next album to embrace my inner Ibiza but I think most of them do anyway.

"It's been interesting this year with a song like 'Flower' which is such a personal song and so different to what people would expect from me.

"But the response to that has been amazing and people have really responded to it being a personal story so I'm keen to find a way where I could marry the two - there's no reason why those kinds of lyrics cannot somehow make it into a dance track.

Kylie Minogue exclusively told us her next album will be personal

"They seem like chalk and cheese but I'd like to find somewhere in the middle — that would be cool."

And Kylie, who has spent this year gearing up for K25 - a celebration of her 25th year in the music industry, said she can't wait to get her teeth into her new tracks.

She told us: "I have started work on the next album. Obviously this year has had me focussed on other things but when I had a bit of time, actually in January, that long ago, I took my first steps into the studio.

Kylie said she can't wait to get back in the studio.

"But next year will be the time to really get stuck in. I love going in with people I know and that I've worked with before. We understand each other.

"We get in the studio and just take off. I've worked with a couple of new people where we're just starting to get to know each other. I don't know studio-wise where next year will take me.

"I imagine it will be as always a mixture of songs I write and songs that come in that are killer tracks that I want."

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Talking about her classic hits the 44-year-old said one particular track of hers took time to grow on her.

She said: "One that I wasn't very keen on at the time was 'What Kind Of Fool' but the ironic thing is that I actually quite like it now.

"At the time I was trying desperately to run away from that kind of creation of what Stock Aitken and Waterman was because of where my head was at. I would grimace about it for years and years. But actually now I think it's really quite good. I like it.

And she revealed she may well perform the track on her next tour. Asked if she'd ever sing it live she said: "I don't think I have ever performed it on tour. Well not on recent tours anyway. The answer is yes, I would love to.

"That would be great. I almost put it in the Anti-Tour but that would have ended up as a four hour show if I'd put everything in there that I wanted to. It's on my To Do List — let's say that much."


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