Kristen Stewart visits Robert Pattinson in Toronto (and brings him a present)

Kristen Stewart keeps it on the down-low as she visits Robert Pattinson on 'Cosmopolis' set / Splash
Kristen Stewart can't keep away from her hot boyf Robert Pattinson (unsurprisingly — who could?) and she made a low-key arrival to the set of 'Cosmopolis' in Canada last night. She wasn't alone, however, as she'd brought Rob another friendly face... his dog Bear!

RPattz's bodyguard met KStew at the door of her SUV and escorted her straight to Rob's trailer. We bet Rob's super-excited to have his gorgeous girlf in town.

Rob's been busy shooting the movie in Toronto and we spotted him earlier in the week with a gun down the back of his trousers for a scene. Now that Kristen's arrived in time for the weekend we hope the lovebirds get to spend some quality time together *sighs*