Kristen Stewart snapped with her arm around a man and it isn’t Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart has finally come out of hiding and has been spotted with her arm around a young man.

Kristen, that's not Rob! Copyright: [Vogue/ Mert Atlas and Marcus Piggot]

But before you start to get a serious case of déjà vu it was of course, in a photo shoot for Vogue.

Actually, she is still in hiding.

However, we thought it best to bring it to your attention as pictures of Kristen and men that aren't Robert Pattinson do tend to cause a bit of a fuss.

Kristen was snapped with Rupert, cheating on boyf Rob. Copyright: [BIG]

The man in this snap is in fact, fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière posed with the Twilight star for the mag.

So did Kirsten say anything to the magazine?

Sadly not.

Kristen has been selected as one of their hottest stars of today.

Vogue reckons: "Those featured on the Vogue 120 list (honouring the magazine's 120th anniversary) are bringing fashion to life right now - and for years to come."

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Kristen herself is still in hiding and has not said a word since her official statement which said she was 'so sorry'.

Rob on the other hand has been doing interviews to promote his new film Cosmopolis and insists he is 'OK' but would rather not discuss his personal life.

Kristen is reported to be 'relived' that R-Pattz refused to discuss what happened in his interviews.

A friend of Kristen's told RadarOnline: "While she was obviously relieved that Robert didn't trash her, the realisation that their relationship was finally over hit her hard".

"Kristen was praying that after the dust settled she would get another chance and she was clinging on to that hope. But she knows now that it's not to be."

Aww, although we know what she did was wrong, this whole thing must be very difficult for her too.