Kristen Stewart’s move into music doesn’t strike a chord with us *GIGGLES*

Kristen Stewart may make onscreen magic in the 'Twilight' movies and top omg!'s girl crush list but we're a tad unsure about her latest venture into music.

The raven-haired actress stars in a slightly boring music video for new artist, Marcus Foster, promoting his debut single 'I Was Broken'.

Kristen StewartDire disappointment: We LOVE Kristen Stewart but not her latest music video

On hearing the news we were stupidly excited about seeing the star but we've been left disappointed *STICKS OUT BOTTOM LIP*.

Kristen looks, broody and frankly a bit bored in the video — presumably echoing our thoughts of the song.

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Shot entirely in black and white you have to wait a good two minutes to see Kristen in profile and then wait a further minute to catch glimpse of her flawless face.

Clad in a slouchy, off-the-shoulder white top, Kristen still looks incredible wearing minimal make-up.

Kristen StewartAnnoyingly perfect: Kristen looks gorgeous in the monochrome video

She turns to the camera, looks off screen, trying to look sad and heartbroken when really she's all smug inside that she's bagged Robert — but can anyone blame her?

The song's lyrics don't change much from I'm broken, I'm sad I'm lonely blah blah blah and Kristen and her moody persona do nada to lift the mode *YAWN*.

Kristen StewartEffortless beauty: Kristen's natural look is one we'd like to recreate ourselves

The monochrome colours enable Kristen to look ethereal and edgy which will no doubt make the song and video a hit with heartbroken teenagers on the brink of entering their Emo stage.

The actress is incredible opposite Robert Pattison (like it's hard to act in love with RPattz) but her deviation from the vampire franchise may not do her future career much good — we're disappointed but love her all the same!

Kristen StewartCeleb crush: The video may be boring but Kristen never will be