Kristen Stewart loves Space Raiders, we get hungry for other retro snacks

Kristen Stewart has an amazing figure so we were surprised to hear that when she gets the munchies she scoffs a few bags of Space Raiders.

That's right, our humble British crisps are her snack of choice. Apparently, Kristen's boyfriend Robert Pattinson got the star hooked on the crisps over Christmas.

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He said: "Kristen is really into cheap crisps because crisps are completely different in America and you don't get things like Space Raiders.

"Whenever anyone goes to England now it's, like, 'Bring some back.' It keeps us happy."

Despite her amazing figure, Kristen Stewart loves Space Raiders / WENNIt seems that having R-Patz as a boyfriend clearly has numerous benefits, then. Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, but he's also prepared to buy his ladies yummy snacks. Kristen is one lucky girl.

However, all this talk of Space Raiders has mainly got us counting down the minutes until lunch time - and reminiscing over other retro snacks...

1. Those massive tubes of rainbow coloured sherbert.

2. Flying saucers

3. Wagon wheels

4. Blackjacks

5. Nerds

6. Snaps

*Stomach rumbles*