Kristen Stewart loses her clothes, seemingly finds them in cinema loo

Kristen Stewart looked VERY naked arriving at yet another On the Road premiere last night.

K-Stew looked very naked last night. Copyright: [wenn]

Is it just us or does it seem like that film has had more premieres than we have had cups of tea aka A FAIR FEW?

Still, despite the 345 premieres, Kristen always seems to manage to catch our attention, no more so than last night.

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K-Stew looked pretty much completely naked bar a few red splots.

We almost don't see the point in this dress, it truly does look like she just has a white bra and a pair of knickers.

Can someone find Kristen's clothes please? She seems to have lost them. Copyright: [wenn]

Albeit, some pretty huge Bridget Jones esque under crackers.

Still, it takes a brave lady to pull off something as naked as this and we reckon Kristen totally rocks it.

And can we just say, *what* a bod! K-Stew is one HOT lady!

However, her nudey efforts were not for long and Kristen seemingly found some clothes to put on in the cinema.

Y'see she may have gone in basically naked but she was spotted later on in the night like this:

Kirsten was spotted later IN come clothes. Copyright: [wenn]

So we can only assume that she ended up finding some clothes to put on, perhaps she stashed them in the loos earlier?