Kristen Stewart gets sexy for new On the Road trailer, look away now Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart's personal life has been the firm focus of late, but for once, the news isn't about her cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson. This time it's her career that's taking centre stage once again as a new trailer for her latest movie has been released.

kristen stewart on the roadKristen Stewart takes on a sexy new role in On the Road. Copyright [Lionsgate]

The new On the Road trailer features a much sexier Kristen Stewart than we're used to seeing on screen gone is Twilight's Bella Swan who had saved herself for Edward Cullen and in her place is a far racier girl.

WATCH Kristen Stewart in new On the Road trailer

In the trailer a blonde K-Stew is seen adopting some Dirty Dancing style moves, as she sashays her hips towards her co-star, Garrett Hedlund on the dance floor.

kristen stewart on the roadKristen Stewart falls into the arms of another man for her latest role... Copyright [Lionsgate]

kristen stewartKristen Stewart takes on Dirty Dancing with her own sultry moves. Copyright [Lionsgate]

This is followed by a very up close and personal frame where she appears to bite Garrett's nose in a super passionate embrace.

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Kristen is then in his arms, looking like she's having the time of her life (again, Dirty Dancing style) and we can't blame Garrett for looking so chuffed either!

kristen stewartThe chemistry is high in the upcoming movie... Copyright [Lionsgate]

kristen stewart on the roadK-Stew masters the art of seduction in this frame. Copyright [Lionsgate[

We just hope Rob doesn't watch this, his poor broken heart may not take it!

Once the dance scene is over we see Kristen get her flirt on more subtly as she performs a little peek-a-boo for the boys seductively looking over her shoulder.

kristen stewartKristen Stewart is beautiful, as usual, in the new movie. Copyright [Lionsgate]

This is worked against a pensive looking K-Stew staring into the mirror looking even more beautiful than before.

We can't wait to see the movie!