Kristen Stewart: I enjoyed getting to finally be a vampire

Kristen Stewart has admitted that she enjoyed getting the chance to finally play a vampire in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two.

Talking to omg! at the London premiere of the film, Kristen Stewart explained that aside from the painful red contact lenses, she enjoyed getting in touch with her inner vampire.

She said: "The contacts are definitely a nightmare. The rest of it wasn't so bad.

"I couldn't wait. It had been years playing her [Bella Swan] as human. I didn't feel like I was jumping into this fantasy world it just felt like the next step, the next natural progression for her."

Kristen StewartKristen was happy to finally get the chance to play a vampire Copyright [PA]

Kristen Stewart also said that she wasn't sad that the franchise had finished as its legacy will always live on through its adoring fan base.

She explained: "I don't really like to look at it like we're walking away or saying goodbye or anything like forever.

"Anytime you happen to meet anybody who also is into Twilight, we'll always have that in common with those people that you meet and that's really rare to have on such an enormous scale."

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As for whether she would ever be happy to take part in any future Twilight projects, the actress admitted that she would be open to it.

She said: "Yes definitely. But I think it might be in the form of Jacob and Renesmee and then there will be framed vacation photos of me and Edward.

"I can't really imagine anything more than that."

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two is in cinema's nationwide now.