Kourtney Kardashian hasn’t had her baby! She ends the rumours on Twitter

Kourtney Kardashian certainly knows how to tease us over the birth of her second baby!

kourtney kardashian has babyKourtney Kardashian has squashed baby birth rumours. Copyright [Twitter/Kourtney Kardashian]

After tweeting about a water birth last night it was thought Kourtney Kardashian was in labour and that we'd be expecting the next addition to the Kardashian clan any time soon.

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But it's not to be! Kim K's big sister put an end to the rumours tweeting: "Witnessed a water birth last night with @KhloeKardashian. What an experience! All I can say is WOW!"

Ahh, we got all excited then.

kourtney kardashianKourtney is awaiting the arrival of a sibiling for son, Mason. Copyright [WENN]

The beautiful brunette hinted that she was going to drop after sharing a photo of a cup from a Chicken take away restaurant.

She captioned her snap with: 'Chick-fil-A and a water birth. No big deal.'

Which lead to the rumour mill churning into action with reports that Kourtney was about to give birth.

kardashian sistersKourtney with her sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashian. Copyright [WENN]

We'll just have to wait that bit longer…

While we were somewhat fooled by her cryptic tweet, we can now speculate that she's considering a water birth and that she wants to rope in Khloe for the erm, experience.

And seeing as we're on the subject of rumours, it's thought Kourtney is going to have a baby girl to add to her brood of her son, Mason.

Lets anticipate a teasing tweet soon!