Kirk Norcorss and Jodie Marsh spat: Now TOWIE’s Gemma Collins wades in

TOWIE may have lost former star Kirk Norcross but that hasn't stopped Gemma Collins having an opinion on his life post the show.

kirk norcross and jodie marshGemma isn't sure what Kirk and Jodie's 'relationship was all about. Copyright [Twitter]

And as the former TV star embarks on a fight with Jodie Marsh the blonde had this to say about their pairing up...

She told us: "What's it all about? If it suits them go with it, but Arg and I like to live our lives privately we don't need to flaunt it in anyone's faces to prove it's real."

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There have been accusations that Gemma and Arg's relationship is just for the show, but the blonde fiercely denies this:

"It's not a showmance, God it'd be so exhausting! Just the whole pretense of it - how would we keep it up? I don't get caught up in any of that."

gemma collinsGemma Collins says having a showmance would be exhausting. Copyright [WENN]

Another thing Gemma refuses to stress about is what Arg makes of her career, she clearly doesn't need his approval.

When we asked which piece from her collection was his favourite she was clear to say she didn't really care what he thought.

Gemma said: "Arg loves me in anything, he loves all of the collection, and if he didn't like them I couldn't give two hoots it mine. I wouldn't tell him how to dress and he wouldn't dare tell me how to dress. Us girls have got to stick together."

gemma collinsGemma has just launched her debut fashion collection. Copyright [WENN]

And this sentiment is shared with her clothing too as she told us how she'd like women to feel in her clothes:

"Women who wear my clothes will feel like a queen -  glam sexy and amazing if you could bottle it I'd be a millionaire.

"I designed this collection to make people feel amazing the plus size market is so repressed for women and now it isn't!

Gemma's fashion collection is available to buy at