Kimberley Walsh and a case of fashion deja vu, stuns us again in floor length lace

Kimberley Walsh looked absolutely amaze in a floor length red lace gown at the Music Industry Trust Awards last night but we feel like we might have seen it before...

Consider us stunned. Copyright: [wenn]

Stepping out the car, Kimberley managed to grab everyones attention with her gorgeousness as per.

Her red lace gown is double amazing, doing that rare thing where the Girls Aloud star is flashing flesh but still managed to look incredibly classy.

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We reckon this is definitely a skill you can pick up of Strictly - even in just a couple of sequins and an inch of tan the ladies also look worth a million quid.

However, for us it was a case of fashion deja vu.

Just last week, Kimbo wore a very similar dress but in turquoise to the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman of the Year awards.

So good she snapped it up in both colours! Copyright: [wenn]

We witnessed this one in the flesh and were basically drooling over it all night.

Kimbers has almost definitely done that thing where if you like something enough you snap it up in every colour.

We wonder if it's the same car too?! Copyright: [wenn]

Only being a celeb, she did this with a floor length gown.

We would buy a few of those but we don't exactly know where we would get round to wearing it.

Nandos, perhaps?