Kimberley Walsh repeats an outfit, we don’t blame her – she looks gorge

When you're a celeb, repeating an outfit is like fashion suicide. Believe us. They've told us that they have to sell/bin/give away all the clothes they get sent so as not to be pictured in the same ensemble twice.

Kimberley WalshKimberley Walsh wore this outfit for Girls Aloud's appearance on Radio 1 a couple of weeks ago (left) and last …However, last night Kimberley Walsh defiantly repeated her leather trousers and grey jacket combo despite only wearing it a couple of weeks ago.

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Despite being in Girls Aloud and a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing at the moment and therefore probably having a wardrobe that's fit to burst, Kimberley Walsh decided to repeat the outfit she wore for an appearance on Radio 1 a couple of weeks ago.

And to be honest, we don't really blame her. Kimberley looks blimmin' gorge in the ensemble, so fair play for wanting to milk it.

Kimberley WalshKimberley Walsh looked gorge as she celebrated her birthday last night. Copyright [WENN]

Kimberley Walsh was out for dinner for her birthday with her Girls Aloud BFFs Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts.

She was rocking this season's hottest trend - leather trousers - paired with a grey jacket and a cream Mulberry handbag. Natch.

In fact, the singer's outfit was relatively low key compared with Cheryl's body con mustard leather dress.

Kimberley WalshAnd she also looked amazing when she wore the outfit to Radio 1. Copyright [WENN]The girls seemed to enjoy themselves despite their slightly impractical outfits. When we go out for a carb-alicious meal, we generally whack on a pair of forgiving leggings so we can stuff our faces.

Girls Aloud, however, wear leather and live to regret the fashion decision.

After the meal, Cheryl Cole tweeted Kimberley to ask: "Why did we do the desserts?"

Kimberley replied: "Asking myself the same questions. Time to undo the leather trousers I think."