Kimberley Walsh never expected to get so far in Strictly, admits Girls Aloud reunion has been stressful

Kimberley Walsh has admitted that she has found her Strictly Come Dancing and Girls Aloud reunion schedule hard going at times.

Kim has admitted her working load has been trying. Copyright: [wenn]

We don't blame her!

With all the rehearsing for the show, recording her debut solo album and promoting the current Girls Aloud reunion we'd be shattered too.

Talking to The Sun, the singer admitted that she didn't think she would get as far as she did in the competition.

She said: "When I signed up, I probably wouldn't have expected to get so far in Strictly!

"But I knew about the Girls Aloud work when I started, so although it's been tricky and very busy, I wouldn't change it for anything.

"I must admit, I've had a few moments where I've thought I'm losing my mind.

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Kimberley Walsh is currently gearing up for the Strictly Come Dancing semi-final tonight after gaining the first perfect score of the series last week.

Admitting that last week's score boosted her confidence, Kimberley says she is happy with whatever happens to her in the competition from now on.

She explained: "Last week's scores definitely gave me a boost. No matter what happens now, I was really pleased to make those improvements that got us a perfect score. That was a brilliant moment."

Kimba was pretty happy with her score! Copyright: [BBC]

Despite getting a perfect score, Kimberley had been suffering from a rib injury, meaning that she has been restricted in her rehearsal time with partner Pasha.

"It's been tricky to rehearse because it hurts when Pasha tries to lift me", she said

"I went to a doctor and I've been given painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets — I feel like my body isn't coping very well at all!"

Tonight will see Kimberley Walsh take on two dances, the Charleston and the American Smooth, with the Girls Aloud singer feeling confident that she will be able to pull them both off.

She admitted: "Despite the injuries, I'm feeling quite confident because they're great routines.

"The Charleston is really fun and it's a great song and the American smooth is obviously completely different, very dramatic, so I'm looking forward to them both."