Kimberley Walsh and Denise Van Outen say they’ve got no boobs left after Strictly weight loss

Kimberley Walsh and Denise Van Outen reckon they have lost so much weight during Strictly that they have no boobs left!

Kimberley and Denise reckon they have no boobs left! Copyright: [rex]

Speaking to omg! yesterday ahead of tonight's final both ladies agreed that they has seen a definite downsize in the boobicle department since the start of the series.

After hearing that Louis Smith would be taking his top off for the final, Denise's partner, James joked: "We need the votes more than anyone else, take your top off Denise!"

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To which Denise quipped: "We haven’t got anything left to show! We have lost weight." to which Kimberley added: "Definitely!".

"We were in the dress fitting earlier on and they were all baggy," Denise told us, adding that she's worried that soon she won't have anything left in her bra!

Denise dancing on the show. Copyright [BBC]

"You tone up doing something like this. Doing different dances you tone different parts of the body. We’ll reap the benefits afterwards. We’re doing the tour so I’ll have nothing left!"

Well, all we know is that the ladies are looking hot - so much so we are seriously considering a bit of ballroom dancing ourselves.

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