Kimberley Walsh: Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts and I are the BIGGEST gossips in Girls Aloud

Kimberley Walsh has revealed that Nicola Roberts, Cheryl Cole and herself get on Sarah Harding and Nadine Coyle’s nerves thanks to their love of gossiping.

Kim, Cheryl and Nicola love a good old gossip. Copyright [twitter]

The singer told OK! magazine that out of all the members of Girls Aloud, the three of probably gossip the most, much to the annoyance of the other two members.

She said: "Probably me, Cheryl and Nicola [are the biggest gossips]. The other two look at us like we’re old women."

However, when it comes to getting ready for a performance or a girly night out, Kimberley admitted that Nadine and Sarah are always the ones who take the longest in front of the mirror.

She said: "Oh, it's a tough one between Sarah and Nadine [Coyle]! I think Sarah perhaps a little more."

Makes sense considering Cheryl, Kim and Nicola are probably too busy nattering to be distracted by frivolous matters such as applying make-up.

During the interview, Kimberley also opened up about her relationship with Justin Scott.

The two have been together since Girls Aloud formed, still going strong after ten years.

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Talking about how the two have managed to sustain their relationship for so long, Kimberley revealed that by keeping her personal and professional life separate, she and Justin have been able to maintain a strong bond.

She said: "We have a solid base and other outside factors don't really cause problems. I wouldn't listen [if someone tried to split us up]!”

“But I'm older now and it's never really been an issue, even in the early days of the group it was never put to us."


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