Kimberley Walsh has banned her boyfriend from proposing, well Cheryl Cole did beat him to it

Kimberley Walsh has put her foot down and told her boyfriend not to propose to her this Valentine’s Day.

Kim has banned Scott from proposing on V-Day. Copyright [Wenn]

The 31-year-old singer explained that she has warned Justin Scott not to go down on one knee on February 14 because she feels it would be ‘a bit of a cliché’.

She told The Daily Mirror: "Valentine's Day is a bit of a cliché. Every Valentine's Day would be the day you got engaged, and then you would have to celebrate them both together.

"I want to spread it out. Then you get more celebrations throughout the year."

Let’s just hope Justin hadn’t planned on proposing then!

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The Girls Aloud singer has been with her boyfriend for ten years but insists that she has no desire to wed him yet due to her busy schedule.

She admitted: "I will get around to doing that at some point, though we have no plans at the minute. There's no time for me to get married."

If Scott were to propose to Kimberley in 2013 however, this would be the second time someone has asked for her hand in marriage this year.

Cheryl proposed to Kim earlier this week. Copyright [Twitter/CherylCole]

Earlier this week, Kim’s band mate Cheryl Cole proposed to her on Twitter following MPs votes to allow same-sex marriage.

It may have been a joke but fans of the best friends took the proposal somewhat too seriously, something Kimberley found rather amusing.

She said: "She's so naughty. The fans were going crazy. It was just a joke but as soon as she did it, I was like 'Oh, God, what has she started?'

"The fans have got a bit obsessed with the two of us and this whole [calling us] Chim thing. The next morning Cheryl was like 'Oops! Maybe people didn't get my sense of humour'. It was funny."


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