Kimberley Walsh says Cheryl Cole is ready to marry Tre Holloway, we knew it!

Kimberley Walsh has pretty much said that she thinks that Tre Holloway could indeed be the one for her BFF Cheryl Cole.

Kimba reckons Tre is the the one! Copyright: [rex]

She told talk show host Jonathan Ross: "She's known him for quite a long time. A few years, he danced for her the first time years and years ago."

And does he get Kimba's seal of approval?

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"Yeah he's a lovely guy so I'm happy that he makes her happy. I think it could definitely go the distance, yeah they're really happy."

Now, reading between the lines what we heard was: "YES, CHERYL WILL MARRY TRE!"

Hoorah, etc.

Now, if you care to cast your minds back to the ol' festive period you will notice that, in fact, we did predict as much: Cheryl Cole will get hitched again in 2013, mark our words!

Cheryl split from her ex husband Ashley Cole after it emerged that he had cheated on her.

Kimba looks gorge in the artwork from her new album. Copyright: [Kimberley Walsh]

In other Kimba news, the Girls Aloud star is super busy with her new album of musical theatre covers.

Her first single is Randy Crawford's One Day I'll Fly Away and Kimbo has just finished off her first music video for the single.

Lucky for you, you can watch it by clicking here.

Cheryl Cole's mum stops proposal?Apparently Cheryl Cole's boyfriend wanted to ask her to marry him on Christmas Day, but Cheryl's mum has put a stop to that!