Kim Kardashian ‘worried’ Kris Humphries could claim custody of Kanye West’s baby, we say call Jeremy Kyle

Kim Kardashian is reported to be totally shocked after finding out that her ex Kris Humphries could claim custody of her baby with Kanye West.

Kim is pregnant with Kanye's baby. Copyright [Splash]

However, we aren't really surprised - we are pretty darn shocked too!

Y'see, because Kim and Kris aren't technically divorced yet there is a teeny legal possibility that if he wanted he could try and claim custody.


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And it's believed Kim is with us in thinking it sounds crazy.

A source told HollywoodLife: “Kim was shocked when she found out that Kris could technically try to get custody. It sounds totally crazy!"

Kris and Kim wed in 2011 and are now embroiled in a messy legal battle. Copyright [Rex]

"Why would he do that when it’s only going to make him look bad. But Kim wouldn’t put anything past Kris"

"All he cares about is hurting her, so of course she’s worried that he’ll do something to ruin the best moment of her life.”

The insider added: “It’s upsetting for her, but she’s still not going to give in."

"Kim’s a fighter and even though a lot of people think that Kim took advantage of Kris it was the other way around."

"She did love him and she gave him 100 per cent so there’s no way she’s going to turn around and say it was a fraud – that would be lying to the court.”

Hmmm, we say this sounds like a pickle for one man and one man only... Jeremy Kyle, of course!

Well, if it's good enough for Alex Reid then we are sure he will be good enough for Kim!

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